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News about Electrical Distribution Solutions and Products

The LINE online magazine features articles written by Cooper Power Systems industry experts and our customers. These stories share how our smart products and solutions improve your reliability, productivity, and efficiency using real-life experiences that helped solve a specific problem. Our goal is to make your smart grid even smarter!

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University Makes Great Strides to Eliminate SF6 Gas from Campus Using VFI Switchgear Filled with E200™ Fluid

A university in the northwestern United States needed to upgrade five forty-year-old SF6 gas-filled switchgear units to improve system reliability and expand the campus loop in the student housing area.

Cooper Power Systems Helps Flatten Voltage Profile and Minimize VAR Flow to Improve Bottom Line

As part of the Cooper Power Systems Volt/VAR Management system, the Yukon™ IVVC application continuously analyzes and controls load tap changers (LTCs), regulators, and capacitor banks to manage substation power factor and distribution system voltages.

Lowering Transformer Lifetime Ownership Costs

Using an evaluation formula as part of a transformer purchasing decision should include a review of total costs of the transformer over the lifetime of the unit.

Cooper Power Systems Technical Workshops Provide Engineers CEU and PDH Accreditation

Across the United States and Canada, Professional Engineers must maintain their licenses with hours of approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs), or equivalent Professional Development Hours (PDHs), pertinent to the practice of professional engineering.

Smart Solutions. Smarter Grid. DistribuTECH 2013

Cooper Power Systems can smooth your transition to a Smarter Grid. Visit with Cooper Power Systems experts while attending DistribuTECH 2013 and discover integrated apparatus, automation, and communication technologies that optimize power systems efficiency, productivity, and reliability.
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